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FlexsteelFlexsteel products are built on beliefs and values that evolved through over a century of manufacturing. We construct our furniture with care and precision, and we hold ourselves accountable for every detail. We believe the end result makes the extra effort worth the many years it lasts—well past late nights of bingeing your favorite show or fort renovations.

Flexsteel is built to last. The Blue Steel Spring is what makes this promise possible. First used by Swiss Railway in 1910 to make its train car seating last longer, the Blue Steel Spring has proven its worth again and again. When paired with a high-density hardwood frame this superior technology gives our couches and chairs a nearly indestructible foundation that lasts a lifetime.

Flexsteels most popular performance fabric is hands down, Kashmira®. Kashmira is a suede-like fabric created through years of research and development. Not only is Kashmira soft and beautiful, but it’s the most durable, pet, and kid friendly fabric we’ve found.  It’s so amazing that we refer to it as our wonder fabric! And that’s why it’s exclusive to Flexsteel in the United States.

FlexsteelTrends in furniture upholstery come and go. Yet, leather has stood the test of time. Quality leather furniture invokes an image of tradition and class. It’s furniture that is handed down from generation-to-generation. At Flexsteel we are all about longevity. That’s why we choose only the best leather for our furniture.

With over one hundred years of manufacturing experience, our promise remains the same: to build quality furniture for the way you live today and every day after. We understand how much life happens on our furniture—your shareable moments tagged with #Flexsteel are reminders of why we do what we do. Here is to many more years together.

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